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Twoje dane osobowe będą użyte do przetworzenia twojego zamówienia, obsługi twojej wizyty na naszej stronie oraz dla innych celów o których mówi nasza polityka prywatności.

Category B

What is included in your course:

  • 30 hours theoretical course is done via e-learning (access for 3 months)

  • all learning materials in English ( coursebook, exam questions and access to e-learning platform)

  • 31 hours of driving lessons in the car Kia Rio (automatic or manual gearbox - You choose) -
    with an English - speaking teacher

  • practical internal exam

  • accident insurance

If you want to get a Polish driving license, you must reside in Poland for at least 6 months.
A foreginer who applying for issuing Polish driving license have to deliver to us a copy and (original for inspection) of residence card or a visa or certificate for studying in our country for over
6 months or some different document about your legally right of residence in Poland.

In every formalities stages we can help you. In our office we have prepared documents to the City Hall and Medical examination - with English glossary (documents to fill up are in Polish language)

We can arrange for you:

  • medical examination
  • theoretical and practical state exam in PORD (with a properly Power of attorney)
  • a sworn translator for your pracitical state exam

Medical examination is at our office (almost every wednesday) and costs 150 zł - during signing for the driving course we will arrange this for you




Category B

Category B

The course costs - 3500;

Installment 0% 

I installment - 1200 zł 

II installment - 1100 zł

III installment - 1200 zł 

Extra driving lessons:

1h - 120;
10h - 1150;

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